Index Migration to Slower Media


I was just wondering if it is possible to migrate older data to slower media, possibly using "curator."

Basically, I want the most current data on the fast SSDs, then as the data gets older, I want it moved down to our slower HDDs, then eventually to offline storage. It seems like something that folks would want to be able to do. I looked into this a while ago and was told that I would have to somehow utilize separate ES instances for each level of storage: one pointed at the SSDs, one for the HDDs, etc.

Even if I have to close an index before moving it to HDD, that'd be ok.

Anyone doing anything like this?


I think Hot/Warm Architecture is what you're after?

Indeed. You can migrate to nodes with slower HDDs, but not on the same box, unless you happen to have multiple nodes with different data paths on the same physical machine.

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