Migrating data(which already exists) from Mongodb to elasticsearch

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Hi Everyone,
I am new to elasticsearch. I tried a lot but I am unable to find the way to send already present data(collections) of mongodb to elasticsearch. I successfully established the connection between mongodb and elasticsearch using "mongoosastic" plugin. Able to send the newly entered data to elastic from mongodb.But my question is "how could I send the collections which are already present in mongodb"??

I am using "Nodejs" for development.

Index data from mongo to Elasticsearch
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I came to know that .synchronize() method of mongoosastic would index all the data already existing.
But it is taking time when there is huge collection which contains 1-2 million documents.
Can any one suggest what would be the alternative to do this?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Even i am facing the same problem and i am following this way,
Using logstash, we will be querying the data into elasticsearch.
So write a query to split the data like
1st query(to load from 1 - 1000000 rows) data from database
2nd query(to load from 1000000 - 2000000 rows) data from database
which will helps to load complete data without any disturbances.

hope this helps you.

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Thank you very much.
But we are not using logstash in our project .
So can you suggest another way through which i can send data from mongodb to elasticsearch.

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