Sending data from mongodb to Elasticsearch

I would like to send data from mongodb in Elasticsearch, I saw a lot of different plugins like monstache, mongo-connector, but I'd like to have your recommendations for indexing this data, knowing that I will have some enrichment to do, I'm thinking of using Logstash to make them (or an ingest pipeline but I have to cross indices and there is no processor to do it).
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Bonjour @Laetitia_RICHARD :slight_smile:

I shared most of my thoughts there:

Basically, I'd recommend modifying the application layer if possible and send data to elasticsearch in the same "transaction" as you are sending your data to the database.

Have also a look at this "live coding" recording.

But if you don't have access to the application layer, then you need to solve this in another way.
I think that the closer you are from the source the better, so plugins in MongoDB might help.

Otherwise, you can use the input jdbc connector for logstash, and use the mongodb jdbc driver.

Merci @dadoonet :wink:

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