Migrating from ES 5.6 to ES 7.3

mapping_data = json.dumps({
"properties": {
"file": {
"type": "attachment",
"fields": {
"content": {"store": "yes"},
"name": {"store": "yes"},
"title": {"store": "yes"},
"date": {"store": "yes"},
"author": {"store": "yes"},
"keywords": {"store": "yes"},
"content_type": {"store": "yes"},
"content_length": {"store": "yes"},
"language": {"store": "yes"}
"my_id": {
"type": "integer"
"added_on": {
"type": "date"
"votes": {
"type": "integer"

map_r = requests.put(ELS_PUT_MAPPING_URL, mapping_data, auth=(ELS_USER, ELS_PASS))

It is working fine with ElasticSearch 5.6 using mapper-attachment plugin but I am unable to implement is using ingest plugin on ES 7.3,
Thanks in advance

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