Migrating from old elastic stack cluster to higher subscription of new Elastic stack cluster

Dear Team,

I am tasked to do a migration from an existing Elastic Stack cluster to a new latest version of new Elastic stack cluster. I did went through the theoretical documents https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud/current/ec-migrate-data.html
but somehow felt like this really do not give me scenario based technical steps to get through this phase of migration. The total data size is 15 TB

The new cluster will have more capacity as well as latest version with higher subscription. The problem I do not know what

  • prerequisite to be taken care
  • any skeleton to be created at new cluster
    • If yes then how do I define those skeleton for larger indexes that are already available
  • what or how the mappings, index, templates or any other stuffs that I should bring it in new cluster?
  • Can I use Kafka to buffer the transmission of data from source to destination? Is kafka going to add value to whatever best solution/practice that is already available
  • When we move index will it also move its entire skeleton, data, mappings, types, templates and whatever other stuffs that I mentioned

I have more questions basically as this is completely new, but unable to decide top 3 best strategy/practice and steps to follow to move everything from old to new cluster uninterrupted and less downtime.

Kindly guide me the appropriate process

Which version are you migrating from? What type of data do you have? Is it immutable or do you perform updates? Are you using time-based indices?

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