Migrating master & data node to just a data node & some general advice on setting up our clsuter

Looking for some advice on rejigging my elastic cluster.
Currently have 7 nodes with 3 set to masters & data nodes & 5 set to just Data nodes.
The cluster is used for monitoing of applications so very much log entry orrianted along with holding metricbeat data
I'm using ILM so
3 nodes are set to Hot to contain the most recent docs (these are set to Master nodes)
3 nodes set to Warm for mid term logs
1 node set to cold for anything old that is rarely accessed.

Reading up on scaling out the cluster it seems I might not have the cluster setup correctly so looking for a bit of advice on how i could restructure

from what i've read I could do with having 3 dedicated master only nodes? & then introducing a coordiantiong node or two to handle the Kibana traffic ?
for which i have capacity availible to do.

if that is the case then

  1. whats the best way to migrate the 3 master data nodes to data only & introduce the new masters. Is it just a case of starting up the 3 new master elaigable nodes & then 1 by 1 restarting the old 3 master nodes after setting masternode setting to false?

  2. would this need a full cluster restart or could i manage with rolling restarts (may have answered that one above)

  3. Currently in my es.yml I have cluster bootstrapping set to the 3 current master nodes, from reading up on this setting it's only used for the very first time, i take it i dont need this anymore even if onbaording brand new masters?

Assuming you're using 7.x, yes, you should be able to add three dedicated master nodes and then one-by-one restart the existing master/data nodes as data-only nodes. (The one-by-one bit is important, don't do them all at once). This doesn't need a full cluster restart. And yes, you can remove the cluster.initial_master_nodes setting everywhere since your cluster is already established.

Yeah i'm on 7.x

Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

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