Migrating multi-type indices to single-type indices

We start to use elasticsearch 5.6 couple of years back for our product search . Now we want to switch in a more recent version . As we all know from version 6.0 elasticsearch don't support multi-type indices, we need to convert from multi-type indices to single-type indices . we used to search/ dump data in a particular type with url like "/index/type1" . If we convert this "type1" doc-type into a new indices, then should we also change our url from "index/type1" to "type1/" ? Is there any way we can switch to recent elasticsearch version without changing those url ?

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How different are the document structures between each type?

i would say pretty different . LIke in one type there are 21 fields and in other there are 9 fields

Ok, in that case you will need to change the URLs (by putting things in different indices).


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