Migrating to Docker - A few simple questions

We currently have 3 EC2s serving as Kibana Hosts. We're planning on moving Kibana to Docker followed by Logstash and Finally elastic. Just keeping Kibana in Mind - was curious on the community's thoughts on the basic ECS Setup of Kibana.
Scenario : Currently 3 EC2 Instances suffice. However in the future we expect greater loads on our instances and want to account for this.

  • Should I go DAEMON and create 1 Docker Task per Container?
  • Stay as REPLICA And add 2 Tasks per Container?
    How would vcpu and soft/hard memory breakup be suggested per container instance?
    I was thinking 1024 MB for Soft Memory
    vcpu is TOTAL CPU/2 to allow for 2 Tasks to be shared on the same instance.


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