Minimal/optimal hardware setup for one node Elasticsearch stack with daily index 10GB to 20GB

Hello everybody.
I'm new here, but very happy to join the community.
Is there any official documentation regarding minimal / optimal hardware requirements for Elasticsearch ?
Soon I will put in production single node Elastic (Elastic, Kibana, Logstash all in one VM). The daily index size is 10 - 20 GB. I would appreciate official recommendations regarding hardware configuration in on-premises cases.
Kind regards.

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Welcome to our community! :smiley:

How long do you want to retain the data for?

2 months

It's not official, but my recommendation for a single node cluster all on the same VM would be:
Storage: 2TB (you'll need ~1.3TB for the data you mention alone).
Memory: 64GB
CPU: Running everything you say I'd give it 8 cpus.

Please remember that single nodes offer no redundancy, and as always don't forget to backup your data.

You're situation might necessitate more or less, so Stack Monitoring will be your friend there to help make sure the cluster is running well. Also, if you are running 8.7 or later you have access to the new health api.

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