Minimum number of Hot and Warm data nodes

(MJay) #1

We are planning for a elasticsearch cluster with multiple hot and warm data nodes. Wanted to know whether minimum 2 nodes are fine for each of the data nodes or minimum 3 nodes are recommended. We have around 4TB of data. And Master and co-coordinating nodes are different. I do understand that 3 nodes will provide the HA. But wanted to understand it in more detail.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

If you only have around 4TB of data, why do you think you need a hot/warm architecture?

(MJay) #3

In future data will grow ..may be 50TB or 75TB or more. Is there any recommended data size where the usage hot and warm architecture will come into picture?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

There is no clear guideline on when a hot/warm architecture starts making sense. It depends a lot on ingest volume, retention period and query patterns.

(MJay) #5

Hi Christian, Can you please complete your comment? Thanks.

(MJay) #6

Just to add the retention period is 8 days. So wanted to know whether hot and warm node architecture makes sense here.

(system) #7

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