Hot - Warm Architecture with 3 Node Cluster

Hi Team,

I'm trying to create the 3 Node Elasticsearch Cluster to store the time series logging data. The shards will have only 1 replication count to minimize the storage utilization.

Need help to understand the below points:

  1. Can I create the cluster with Hot(2 Nodes) and Warm(1 Node) nodes ?
  2. If yes, In case if any one of the Hot Node goes down, will that cause any problem to the shards ?
  3. Is there any other alternative to achieve Hot - Warm Architecture with the cluster size of 3 ?

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Rakesh Chhabria

  1. Yes
  2. Not for the hot data. But you won't be able to have any replicas for the warm node, which is a concern
  3. Not without loss of a replica set for either hot or warm

Why not just make it a cluster where they are all the same?

Hi Mark,

Even I was also of the opinion of going ahead with Uniform Architecture, just wanted to explore the Hot-Warm Architecture option.

Could you please let me know what are recommended number of nodes to achieve the H-W Architecture.

Thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Chhabria

You'd want 5 - 2 hot, 3 warm.
This also means you maintain an uneven number for quorum.

In that scenario I can make any 3 Nodes as Master Node, for e.g. 1 Hot Master Node and 2 Warm Master Nodes.

Master eligible, yes you could do that.

Thanks Mark,

This solves all our problems. :+1:

Thanks and Regards,
Rakesh Chhabria

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