Please help newbie to create hot and warm cluster nodes

Hi everyone !

I have one hot and one warm node of elasticsearch. And need to enlarge cluster. May i create two hot nodes and use 3 hot and one warm ? Or i must have 3 hot and 3 warm nodes ? And how elasticsearch will keeping Indices on this ? It keep, for example, 3 active index on one hot node and 3 on overs ?

3-hot-one-warm should be fine - there's no need to have the equal numbers of hot and warm nodes.

I don't fully understand the question, but perhaps it helps to know that the hot/warm architecture uses shard allocation filtering to put the indices where you want them.

Thanks for your help ! All i need to configure 3 hot nodes is set discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes setting at 2, node.attr.box_type: hot and add new nodes to am i right ?

About keeping Indices - elastic while recording will store for several unique active indices at each hot node or to store a copy of the active indexes for each hot node ? The thing is, I'm using a graylog, the message stream on the record is now 350,000. And I don't know whether to expand my warm nodes or to expand both hot and warm.

This is appropriate if you have, in total, two or three master-eligible nodes (i.e. those with node.master: true, which is the default). It sounds like you will have four nodes, so you either need one of them to be master-ineligible (i.e. have node.master: false) or else to set discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 3.

I'm sorry, I don't really understand what you're asking here.

At the moment I have 10 terabytes of indexes on running warm node. Advise what file system it is more optimum to use for 2 other fresh warm nodes. I use Ubuntu 16.04 and it maybe XFS or BTRFS, or default ext4 is ok ?

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