Minimum should match with filter does not work properly

Here is my query which used to work in 2.3.3 and stopped working in 5.2

POST test/_search
"query": {
"bool": {
"filter": [
"term": {
"deleted": false
"minimum_should_match": 1

This query does not return any result when "minimum_should_match" is set. Is it a bug? I think the "minimum_should_match" parameter should apply to should clause only.

If this works as designed then NEST should not add this parameter when there is no should clauses.

What the relation between a filter with a term query and minimum_should_match ? (MATCH !=== TERM)

What do you mean by that?
minimum_should_match tells how many should clauses on the same level should match for document to be a hit.
In my case I dont have any should clauses so it should be ignored.

So remove it ^^

Yeah, the problem is that it comes from NEST and they deny this is a bug.

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