Mismatch between Kibana totals and direct _msearch totals Elasticsearch 7.3.0

I am having an issue with geospatial queries in Kibana returning different results that a direct _msearch query.

I copied the query params from the developer tools and posted it directly to my ElasticSearch server in Postman. I copied the URL as is and the query as is and the aggregations are different.

The number shards is the same and no failed shards are reported and the query runs successfully. And for development there is just one server so there are no variations.

What could be the reason for this ?

Can you post the queries you are using and the start of the responses.

Please format your code/logs/config using the </> button, or markdown style back ticks. It helps to make things easy to read which helps us help you :slight_smile:

Are you using Elastic maps or coordinate/region map visualization?

`This is the query portion from the _msearch query in kibana


No but I am using a geohash visualizuation in Kibana.

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