"missing checksum for name" error on S3 incremental snapshot

When trying to attempt an S3 incremental snapshot I get a number of failures, all with the same sort of error, being:

        "reason": "IndexShardSnapshotFailedException[ElasticsearchParseException[missing checksum for name [__26]]]; nested: ElasticsearchParseException[missing checksum for name [__26]]; ",

The __26 part seems to be different for each index that failed.
I'm running a full snapshot to see if that succeeds.

What does this error even mean, and how can I fix it?

Thank you for any help offered!

In the end, re-creating/re-indexing the problem indices solved the issue, whatever that issue actually was. There was one metrics index that re-created itself before I could, and that index continued to have problems with snapshots, so there may be something related there.

I think the error means that the metadata associated with these snapshots is either corrupt or very old. Or both.

It might be wise to create another repository and take a full snapshot there, and then treat this repository as suspect.

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