Missing (few) official Docker images

At Werkspot (part of IAC / HomeAdvisor US) we extensively use Elastic products for both full-text search for our platform and for our centralized logging system.

As we are migrating our stack to run on top of Kubernetes we could find a number of Docker images at https://www.docker.elastic.co/. That is great, we love getting images from official/trusted places.

Few images we can't find in there, however, namely:

If you see where this is going, I would like to request that those images are also included in the official registry you folks manage. Would that be possible?

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There is no official Curator image. At least, there isn’t one yet. I don’t anticipate one coming soon.

If I were to create one, it would be with Alpine Linux, built with Python 3.6.7, and would have installed Curator via

pip install elasticsearch-curator

It’s really not a big list of build dependencies for a Docker image.

That's how the bobrik/curator is being built. The question is not how to build but rather if it's being built by an official/trusted party. I would rather pull this image from docker.elastic.co if possible.

Journalbeat should be available with the next minor release.


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