Missing Field in Aggregation



I am doing some aggregation based on ES. I am doing a nested aggregations, yet some fields are missing.
For example:
Aggregate ["Type"] > aggregate ["description"]
I got 3 types, and each type has up to 5 kinds of descriptions, and description might be repeating.

Type | Description | Count
A |description1 | 7
A | description2 | 3
A |description3 |2
B | description1 | 10
C| description 3 |2

While one of the description supposed to appear in Description for type B is not appearing in the returned result.

The difference of that description is that the field contains multiple lines, and that field is a pretty long string.

I have tried to use Kibana Data Table Visualization, Python, dev_tools to return the result, and all result are failed to return that description as well.

I am thinking why is it happening? beucause it's multiple line or too lengthy?

Thank you for answering.

I have tried on ES5.1.1 & ES 2.4

Thank you so much.

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