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Hi, please, help to a newbie in Kibana free version 6.6.0.

I have converted RethinkDB into ElasticSearch recently.
Normally, to create a chart I do:

  1. In "Discover" I create and save search for the data I need to chart.
  2. In "Visualize" I add new visualization from saved search.
  3. In "Buckets" I add aggregation by "Terms" + choose the field for aggregation. The field name I know from the search that I created at step 1.

This worked for 5 charts.
Now I'm trying to add 6th chart. At step 3 I don't see in the list of Term fields the field I wanted to chart. I found that actually many fields are missing from required table. However, I see the fields in that table in "Discover".

Is there limitation for fields count? for chart count? other limitation for fields in free charting?

Thank you!

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The problem was in "index pattern". The index pattern defines what saved search will show later. Although you can see the data in "Discover" it won't be shown in "Visualize" with wrong index pattern.

To make the fields visible in Terms of Visualization:

  1. Management -> Index Patterns -> Create Index Pattern --> Add relevant table name with * asterisk by the end and save it.
  2. Go back to Discover, select in drop down menu under the filter your newly added pattern, then refine your search and save it.

Voila. Now all new fields are visible in the Terms.

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