Missing Legend Entries

Hi Everyone

I have a report that has approximately 200 legend entries, however the screen only displays around 25.

I have tried moving the legend position but above and below give even less entries.

I have tried different chart types but the one i need is the bar vertical

I am currently having to use the scroll bar, cut and paste each 25 manually below the graph in a word doc. any advice/help appreciated

Hi Ann, if I understand correctly you have a vertical bar chart with a legend with 200 entries. And you'd like to show all of the at once.

Kibana is supposed to render so many entries, probably because it would be hard for consumers to understand so many colors. What is your use case and how your users are processing so many different values?

Hi Jorge

It’s a report based on attacks from IP addresses, there can sometimes be up to 200 entries

At the moment I am cutting and pasting them into a report about 20 at a time and then scrolling to next set – which is really inefficient, I have tried moving the legend to different places and using bigger screen but nothing works so if you have any suggestions or work arounds I would be very greatful

I would try a different approach to your dashboard than visualizing a single bar chart with 200 legend entries.

Like rendering here only the top X values (maybe 20 or 30) leaving the rest unclassified and then add a different visualization to display all the values for example in a table. Yet Kibana won't show you 200 rows for a table easily since it is expected users to work with paginated tables or other filters to render less data at once.

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