Missing transport-netty4-client for ES 8.0.0

Hi Guys,

There is ES 8.0.0 released, but I cannot find transport-netty4-client for 8.0.0:

Is it an oversight or maybe, for some reason, the lib won't be released anymore?


The transport client has been deprecated since 7.0 was released a couple of years ago. From 8.0 onwards you will need to use the HTTP client.

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TBH I'm interested in HttpServerTransport implementation. Is there sth I can use instead of Netty4HttpServerTransport class from the transport-netty4-client?

HttpServerTransport and its implementations are part of the Elasticsearch server, they're not intended to be used separately and aren't released as independent packages.

But they were published. Now they are not. There was no info that the implementation is deprecated (or at least that it will be removed from public packages).

Unfortunately things that aren't in the public API docs aren't something you can rely on existing in later versions. I don't think implementation details like HttpServerTransport are in any such docs. Moreover the whole client has been documented as deprecated for several years.

Thanks for your quick answers.

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