ML: no value in forecast fields in a dedicated ML index

Hi Im trying to create a graph for the forecast, but the fields are empty, I try stoping the job, reloading the index, but I got no values, even though the forecast exist in ML

Any Ideas?

ELK 7.5.1

Hi @ElasticLiver

If you click on the View option, do you see forecast data available in the plot. If "no", then there is a problem creating the forecast - and we would troubleshoot that differently. If "yes" then please read below.

To view forecast results using native Kibana:

  1. Create a Kibana index pattern for .ml-anomalies-* with timestamp as the time filed (looks like you have already done this - note, you could also use an index pattern for the custom results_index_name if you are using one)
  2. In Discover, filter on the following
    result_type : "model_forecast" and job_id:"insert_job_id"
  3. Make sure the time range covers the date of the forecast - this might mean you need to include a time into the future in the case of forecasts on real-time data.

If you can see this in Discover, then you will also be able to create Visualizations from this for each individual forecast_id.

Hope this helps - or please let us know if the problem is in the initial forecast creation step.


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