Modify internal request response in Kibana


I'm working on a Kibana plugin and the question I have is: is it possible to modify the internal request's response in Kibana, when loading the Discover page.

The thing I'm trying to achieve is modifying response of request to saved objects so that the index pattern related to the user only is displayed.

Is there a way to intercept such a request and if so, how would one do that?

Thanks a lot

Hi @arseni-lipinski
Sorry for the late reply,
If you are working with a Basic License, you can use the role based access control to hide indexes that are not allowed to be read depending on the user permissions:

If you are looking to tweak the code for the Discover page I think it's a bit more complex, but I think you can dig into the discover folder src/legacy/core_plugins/kibana/public/discover and understand how the API request is created and how to deal with the response.

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