MongoDB full text search vs Elasticsearch

In light of the the advancing full text search feature in MongoDB, from a strategic perspective Elasticsearch is starting to slip away from our technology set.
I was just wondering if there is still a strong argument for using Elasticsearch, when most of our data is already in MongoDB?

What are you using Elasticsearch for? How well does MongoDB full-text search match your requirements?

We're using Elasticsearch for 2 purposes right now:

  1. Centralised logging and beats - this is going no-where
  2. Search on MySQL data, which we ship to Elasticsearch using logstash

... however, we're at that stage now where we want to provide more advanced search features for MongoDB data, but it's early days so far. Just trying to understand if Elasticsearch should be part of the strategy for us in this space, or whether we should use MongoDB free text search. I'm conscious that we've only really seen a strong bias in favour of MongoDB so far.

@wozza.lowe if your search use case is just matching simple text like exact terms or phrase matches with basic sorting MongoDb full text search will work fine. MongoDb supports index time boosting of the fields.

If you need support of fuzzy search (matching records even with typos in search query), additional things like search time boosting, complex sorting things based on decay functions, sort builders, etc.. then i would say go with Elastic Search.

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