Which one should I choose between ES and MongoDB?

Hi All,
Just for discussion purpose, I am asking this question.

I am building a single customer view product . Total numbers of customer is around 10 millions. For this building a single customer view which one will be more suitable between Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

Note:- If this question will be not suitable for this forum then let me know, I will delete this.


If you want to store data and only get by id, may be MongoDB is ok.
If you want to provide a search feature for your users, then Elasticsearch is the way to go IMO.

Note that both could be a good combination. One as the source of truth (MongoDB), Elasticsearch as the search engine.

My 0.05 cents.

Yes, I am planning as MongoDB to use for Unified Datastorage where I will store data about customers and data will index into Elasticseach which will provide me search based on name, email or phone number.

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