MongoDB-SSPL-1.0 license issue

We use elasticsearch 7.17.4. Nexus-iq reports 'Banned' license threat group ('MongoDB-SSPL-1.0').

Nexus IQ Server is Sonatype's policy engine. Sonatype has MongoDB-SSPL-1.0 in Banned list.

The policy error comes out from varous elasticsearch module and plugin.
org.elasticsearch : elasticsearch-plugin-classloader : 7.17.4
org.elasticsearch.plugin : lang-mustache-client : 7.17.4
org.elasticsearch.plugin : lang-mustache-client : 7.17.4
org.elasticsearch : elasticsearch-lz4 : 7.17.4

We have the elasticsearch license. Should it cover all other needed licenses under elasticsearch?

You need to provide more context about your issue.

What is Nexus-iq? What issue are you having with any tool from Elastic?

Updated description... Nexus-iq scans jar file and reports such license issue from elasticsearch jars.

You need to ask your legal team, this is not an Elastic issue.

If your company can only run software under OSS licenses, than you can not run Elastic as its license is not OSS anymore.

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