Monitor Elasticsearch in Grafana

I want to monitor Elasticsearch in Grafana,( not ٍELK stack). How can I do this without elastic exporter and prometheus? Can I monitor elasticsearch with X-pack? How?
I have found this link(Elasticsearch Monitoring based on X-Pack stats | Grafana Labs) but unfortunately the other link that was posted there is no longer available.(

The easiest way would be to use metricbeat to collect the metrics, add the metricbeats index pattern in your grafana as a data source and build your dashboards.

You will need to understand what the fields mean and build everything yourself.

The issue which this approach is that having the monitoring data in your production cluster can both impact the performance of your cluster depeding on its size and your hability to troubleshoot some issues if you have a problem in your production cluster.

These are some of the issues why elasticsearch recomends to have a differente cluster for monitoring.

To configure monitoring with metricbeat you can follow this documentation.

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Thank you very much, I have an single cluster and single node elasticsearch.Honestly, I am a beginner in elasticsearch, can you help me more?

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