Monitor host machine using metricbeat system module from inside a metricbeat docker container

We are using metricbeat docker container version 8.1.3 to monitor Linux RHEL machines.
Used docker-compose file to spin up metricbeat container.

Enabled system module to monitor system metrics.

But we are not able to get the complete filesystem details like mount points and its usage etc.

Suppose if we use the command "df -h", we are finding 15 filesystems. But in kibana it is only showing around 8 filesystems.

I have used a empty value for filesystem ignore in system.yml file. Still it is not showing all the filesystems.

Could you please help on this?

Hi @Anagha_nambiar

Perhaps review this Monitor the host machine

Particularly #3

If you want to be able to monitor filesystems from the host by using the system filesystem metricset, then those filesystems need to be mounted inside of the container. They can be mounted at any location.

with an example

--mount type=bind,source=/,target=/hostfs,readonly \

Hi @stephenb ,

The issue is resolved now!
I have provided the mount details in docker-compose file, after which it is showing all the filesystem details now.

Thank you so much!

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