Monitor Kubernetes Cluster

I want monitor Kubernetes cluster in GCP, maybe look like sematext ( performance, audit ....)
Can you tell me how i can or give me some suggestion

Thanks !

Documentation for Filebeat is here and Metricbeat here. When you setup Metricbeat it will install a k8s overview dashboard (I think similar to the one shown in this blog).

We have some k8s manifest examples for Filebeat (logs) and Metricbeat (metrics) located here:

We are working on producing some more instructions as we prepare to make the 6.0 GA release.


Thanks for your answer,

I'm trying to setup follow this guide.

That's awesome @tatdat! don't hesitate to comment here if you find any issue during the process, as Andrew said, we are working on improving these docs so your feedback is really welcomed!

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Hi @andrewkroh,

sorry for jumping into the topic with a different question.

is there any place with discussions about the k8s beats? or should i just create a new topic here?

@lueneburger Yeah, a new post under the Beats category is the right place for k8s beat discussions.

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