Monitor multiple URLs yml configiration


I have a question regarding heartbeat configuration inside heartbeat.yml file.
I want to monitor multiple urls using http. I have added needed urls into heartbeat.yml and it is working. I am getting data in Elasticsearch and Kibana.

My question is regarding urls parameter in heartbeat.yml.
Urls need to be added in one line

For example

- type: http
  # List or urls to query
  urls: ["http://server:1245/Bla/bla", “http://server2:1245/Bla/bla”]

For one or two urls it is not a problem but when multiple urls are needed then to enter all of them in one line and later to edit is a little bit tricky and errors are possible.
Is it possible to enter urls in multiple lines ( one line pro url) ?

heartbeat configuration is based on yaml. See docs.

the urls setting is just a list. Using the [] syntax, you are free to use newlines.

alternatively do:

- type: http
    - "http://server:1234/...."
    - "http://server2:8080/..."


Thanks , it is working.

I will look into docs regarding yaml

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