Monitor Status Table

There has been an issue that the monitor status tab is only able to show 50 entries whereas I have setup this system for 54 entries.
The endpoint status is displaying that all the 54 servers are up but the monitor status is only able to display 50 entries. Is this a limitation of the monitor status tab??
My elastic version is 6.8.1

Hi Surya, thanks for your question! This is indeed a limitation of the view in that version of the stack. Providing solid pagination has been an ongoing effort as we ramp up this solution.

Paginating the data Heartbeat generates in a way that is useful to our users is a nontrivial task. For more information on the background to this problem, and the solution's progress you can take a look at We are planning to provide this feature soon.

In the meantime, I'd recommend you utilize the filter features on the Overview page to look at whichever slices of your environment are most interesting to you at the moment. Basic usage of these features is covered in the Uptime documentation.

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