Monitoring an AIX-based ElasticSearch cluster


(Russ Hankey) #1

I'm relatively new to the ElasticSearch scene, and we have an AIX-based environment in a development mode to get familiar with the features of the products. We see a great deal of promise in using ES for our solution, but I'm wondering if by going with AIX we're limiting ourselves from some of these other tools.

I like the looks of Marvel for monitoring the cluster, but as it sits on top of Kibana, am I interpreting it correctly that we don't have an option of leveraging Marvel in our AIX environment? Are there other monitoring alternatives for an AIX-based solution that I should be exploring?

Thanks in advance!

(Mark Walkom) #2

We do not support AIX so you're totally on your own :frowning:

(Russ Hankey) #3

I appreciate the candid response! We are considering the option of pursuing Linux as well ...

(Otis Gospodnetić) #4

Hi Russ,

Haven't tested it with AIX, but have a look at SPM - . Definitely works with Linux.


(system) #5