Monitoring displays http_address instead of host

In the Monitoring tab for Logstash nodes, Kibana displays the node name and http_address - which in our case is always "" as we don't bind the logstashes to external interfaces. As a result all of the logstash nodes appear like this and we have no way of knowing where they are actually running.

Is this by design? Is it possible to somehow get it to display the host (from instead?

Can you post a screenshot of your node listing? I suspect the problem you are trying to solve is somehow differentiate between the nodes in your listing?

Also, are you setting explicitly in your logstash.yml files?

Yes, I think the screenshot makes it clear what the issue is:

It doesn't make a lot of sense to display the bind address (which I believe in most cases, for most users, would be localhost) instead of the actual http host.

And yes we do set explicitly (as you can see in the screenshot).

If you change the and http.port on the "Metrics Settings" section in the logstash.yml file.
It will changed.
the reason why it show that is because the default value of metrics settings.

Based on the documentation, and http.port tell logstash to which interface/port to bind to.
Of course if I change it to bind to anything other than localhost it will work, but why would I want logstash to bind to any external interface and be accessible from outside the host?

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