How to display node hostname in Kibana stack monitoring?

Hi All,
Hostname is set in Elasticsearch and Kibana configurations , but still Kibana stack monitoring is showing only IP address of nodes.
Is there any way to show host name also of nodes in stack monitoring in Kibana ?

I personally installed metricbeat on each node.
Then i used relevant metricbeat modules.

For example:
None 1: elasticsearch
Node 2: elasticsearch
Node 3: elasticsearch, kibana

Then i tested metricbeat

./metricbeat test config
./metricbeat test elasticsearch
./metricbeat test kibana

I also used elasticsearch as output. You can test it as
./metricbeat test output

If everything works use your service and start metricbeat like
sudo systemctl start metricbeat

Then open stack monitoring and click on Enter Setup Modr on top right. You will see the metrics.

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