Monitoring Gaps in Marvel Data

So...first, yes, I know that I'm using 2.4.6 and that's old and out of date. I'm on an upgrade path to 6.3.1, we're waiting on rolling out logstash updates everywhere. That said, when I had all my traffic being mirrored to ES6, I experienced the same problem, I just don't have a live cluster to show this on. I'm seeing gaps in monitoring data, especially when I drill down to the 15 minute span. The gaps are at different times on each node. Attached is an example graph. I tried increasing the shards from 1 to 3 (6 data node cluster, 3 masters, 1 replica everywhere, split across two AWS AZs using Routing Awareness). Is there something I'm missing? Should I see such consistent, repeating gaps?

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