Monitoring Jenkins with Beats

I am trying to monitor the status of Jenkins slaves using one or some of the Beats.

One of my ideas was to use Metricbeat to monitor for service running with name "jenkins" but it quickly fails when a slave runs Jenkins ad-hoc or the service is named differently, like "jk-slv-serv".

Then I got another idea to use Packetbeat to monitor for packets between the slave and the master because my thinking was "If I can see a slave is online or not from Jenkins, they must be communicating constantly." But I quickly got stuck and didn't know where to go.

Is there any recommendation on where and how should I start? My final expected result is a Kibana visualization that shows when a Jenkins slave is online and when it is offline. This, together with the metrics collected by Metricbeat, might give some insight on a reason in case of node failure.

To check if a service is alive or not, you could use Heartbeat:
You need to install it on a node which can see the Jenkins slaves, so it can ask them if they are available or not.
Getting started:

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