Jenkins Monitoring using ELK

Is there any way i could monitor my jobs of jenkins using ELK?
for example:
I want to know no of jobs failed or errors in jenkins logs

You could certainly use the Elastic stack for this. You can for example use the MQ Notifier plugin to push events to a RabbitMQ instance, then use Logstash to read those events and send them to Elasticsearch.

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thank you for the help. Is there any otherway this could be done? may be using packetbeat?

Packetbeat won't help you. I'm not aware of any other plugins for collecting this kind of data, but I'm also not a Jenkins expert.

Some time ago I was playing around with metricbeat and jenkins REST API: I never completed the module but having a jenkins module in metricbeat would be nice :slight_smile:

yes ruflin. I was actually searching jenkins module for metricbeat. Hopefully they create someday :slight_smile:

We also take community contributions :wink:

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