Jenkins Monitoring using ELK

(Dixon Almeida) #1

Is there any way i could monitor my jobs of jenkins using ELK?
for example:
I want to know no of jobs failed or errors in jenkins logs

(Magnus Bäck) #2

You could certainly use the Elastic stack for this. You can for example use the MQ Notifier plugin to push events to a RabbitMQ instance, then use Logstash to read those events and send them to Elasticsearch.

(Dixon Almeida) #3

thank you for the help. Is there any otherway this could be done? may be using packetbeat?

(Magnus Bäck) #4

Packetbeat won't help you. I'm not aware of any other plugins for collecting this kind of data, but I'm also not a Jenkins expert.

(ruflin) #5

Some time ago I was playing around with metricbeat and jenkins REST API: I never completed the module but having a jenkins module in metricbeat would be nice :slight_smile:

Jenkins monitoring using Elastic stack
(Dixon Almeida) #6

yes ruflin. I was actually searching jenkins module for metricbeat. Hopefully they create someday :slight_smile:

(ruflin) #7

We also take community contributions :wink:

(system) #8

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