Jenkins metrics using metricbeat

I've installed metricbeat on jenkins server and configured the elasticsearch output and kibana dashboards in metricbeat.yml. After starting metricbeat i am getting too many entries in the dashboard page of elk server. How can i get only jenkins system metrics?

Which are the metrics that you expect to monitor?
The system metric right? like CPU, RAM, DIsk, Network ,....

yes i want system logs but i dont want all those dashboard for kuberenetes and stuff . just the dashboard for host system metrics is needed. I am getting the logs in the metricbeat index. but when i go to the dashboard for system overview getting errors like dis.

the hightlighted fiels are present in the index metricbeat in discover tab

The first thing, diskio was disabled by default. You need to enable it on module.d/system.yml

The second, You need to confirm metrics are available on the metrics index on ES. YOu can check by using Discovery in Kibana and selecting the metrics beat index to view raw data.

yes the metrics are available on the metricbeat index in elasticsearch

am i accessing the correct dashboard. the fields are the in the metricbeat index. but on dashboard i'm getting error. made the changes u said in system.yml

In the filter, could you filter the field I guess that the metrics-beat index is not mapping. So the correct field is

when i try to edit the dashboard

I want to check the mapping of index first.

Open devtool in http://<your_ip>:5601/app/dev_tools#/console

Run the following command and copy the output here.

GET metricbeat-*/_mapping

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