Monitoring of multiple unlicensed Elasticsearch clusters on a single-node Elastic box with Metricbeat

I have successfully set up a single-node Elastic box with Elasticsearch, Kibana and Metricbeat to monitor two separate Elastic clusters.
Now I am reading in a couple of topics on this forum that you can only monitor one cluster if you do not have a paid license, but being on the free/basic license, I am currently able to monitor two clusters.

Has something changed in the licensing model to make this possible, or am I breaking licensing rules, here?

Are you already on the basic license or are currently on trial? If I'm not wrong with the basic license it is not even possible to monitor multiple clusters.

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The Basic license does not allow you to do this sorry.

I'm on basic license - have not signed up for any trial.
And yes, I can currently see two clusters in the stack monitoring section of Kibana on my monitoring node - so I would say it is possible, actually :slight_smile:
But since it is not allowed license-wise, I better take out one of the two clusters from my metricbeat elastic module.

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