Monitoring Process in Windows

Hi All,

Currently trying to figure out how to monitor whether a Windows application is Up or Down.

Currently using a filter to narrow down it to a specific (My Server) and (application name) and its been set to alert if the number of results is below then 3 for the last 2 minutes.

This works fine if the application is busy, however when the application is idle I don't get consistent documents thus the alert is unreliable.

I am currently using elastic agent with the system integration to get my data

What I think the problem is, is within the System-Integration of Elastic agent, it is set to to get the top 5 CPU and Memory processes. Is there a way where I can specify the process names I want to monitor permanently?
Not sure whether I populate "Env whirelist" or "Processes", can't find any documentation either

Hi @bevano

Perhaps take a look at this thread I think I gave some examples

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