Monitoring specific processes via Elastic Agent?

Does anyone have a good method for monitoring that specific processes are running, even if said processes are not in the top N cpu/ram usage group?

The System integration lets you monitor the Top N processes. You can limit what processes are selected via a regex in the Processes inputs. But so far my attempts at manipulating that config into doing what I want haven't worked very well.

Specifically I added a second System integration and limited it to just .*(ssh|postfix|filebeat|metricbeat|auditbeat|dockerd|auditd).* processes. (I disabled all other collections.) Then I had to increase the number of top N processes to 1000 in order to make sure all the processes were grabbed.

In my normal system integration I tried to tell it to ignore any of the processes monitored by the other integration, but none of the regexes I tried seemed to do the trick. Specifically they seem to block all processes, not just the ones listed.

All in one:


In individual inputs:


Am I just getting my regex syntax wrong?

Anyone have any other ways of monitoring specific processes they could share?


Oh, this is all Elastic Agent 8.11.1 on Ubuntu 22.04 vms.


Hi @jerrac

I have not looked closely... but if you want to monitor specific processes, you should not have Top N set at all... Either Specific Process OR Top N, not Both...

I have not done this with an agent but I have with Metricbeat. Should be the same logic...

Can you share the whole setting?

Not probably what you want to hear.. .but I might try with metricbeat first which is easier to debug then set the same for agent.

Perhaps take a quick look at

Update: With Agent

I also get your are trying to set Top N to a big number but that is not how I would do it.

First I would empty Top N (not set to 0) - I just tried this in Agent that seem to be the correct way.

Then, collect all processes and see if you see the processes you expect.

Then, narrow with regex

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@stephenb So that does work. I'm always getting the processes I want. Thanks.

I also set up an ingest pipeline to drop duplicated events from the Top N configuration.

For anyone else who comes across this, you might see more results than you expect if your system has more than one instance of something running.

In my case i was seeing more records for each of the beats I have running than I expected. After looking into it, I figured out that there is an instance of each beat per configured Agent integration that uses the beat. So, instead of 6 per minute, I was seeing 24 per minute for metricbeat. ps shows 4 instances of metricbeat on my vm. So that works out.

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