Topbeat monitor specific java process


Hi I would like to use topbeat to monitor certain specific java processes. For example: If i set

procs: ["java"]

Then it is showing me all the processes running as java. But in my use case on that server there are multiple applications and java processes running which is not relevant to me and i do not wish to capture their metrics at all. I only wish to capture java processes running for my application. My specific java processes have certain special strings in the command line which can be used to filter amongst the list. Let me know how this can be achieved.

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First I recommend to "upgrade" to metricbeat. If you then use the process metricset you see there is the cmdline in the data: This should help in your case I think? Let me know if that works.


I upgraded this but there is no option to specify specific command line strings. I do see a way out like using the command property while filtering in kibana. But i would like to fix it in the source itself and not capture metrics for anything apart from my application

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What I was refering to are the filters / processors we introduced in 5.0: You can use them on any field.

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