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Hi everyone,

I'm having a plan switch to Algolia to Elastic App Search for my projects ( Enterprise ). Recently I'm researching some basic of usage to Elastic App Search with deploy to cloud a trial version app search elastic to discovery. But I don't sure it can replace the features in my project using Algolia, yet. So I wan't to ask some questions for everyone to help me decide use Elastic App Search replace for Algolia.

Here are features that I using Algolia for my projects.

  1. Search API
  2. Ranking & Sorting
  3. Duplication & Grouping
  4. Support searching keyword using Vietnamese ?

Thank you, hope soon receive reply from you. :kissing_heart:

Hi Lợi, welcome to the community!

App Search has all these features that you listed.
For Vietnamese, you will have to choose "Universal" as an Engine language during the engine creation:


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Thank for your reply!. Can I ask you more detail about these features?

Ranking & Sorting is the Relevance Tuning, right ?

I can ranking by boots weight, right. If field has higher weight, it'll be higher ranking. But I just set manual by hand value with words that I mentioned. How to set ranking & sorting such as an algorithm

like this.

Thank you agian.

Happy to help!

Ranking & Sorting is the Relevance Tuning, right ?

You could achieve better relevance with both, but as I understand they are not exactly the same.

By default App Search sorts results according to relevance. The Relevance Tuning page allows you to tweak the relevance weights.

But If you want to override or expand the default relevance scoring method, you could use the sort field in search requests. Looks like it's the same functionality as Algolia offers. Here's the documentation on this feature: Search API sort | Elastic App Search Documentation [7.10] | Elastic

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It's mean I can customize ranking such as an engine.

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