Is there any active development or just bug fixes?


we think about moving from Algolia to the hosted App Search in Elastic Cloud.

But is there any active development on App Search?

In the changelogs I can only find bug fixes and minor optimizations, but no features added.

It feels more like Elastic bought Swiftype and had to somehow integrate it but doesn't really want to keep up with the competitors in this space.

Or am I wrong?


Rest assured App Search, along with the whole of Enterprise Search, is still under very active development. Perhaps you've seen the latest 7.10 release notes, alluding to "only" bug fixes under App Search? Note that the items under "Enterprise Search" apply to both App Search and Workplace Search. The team is actively working on some big items coming down the pipe. I'd recommend giving App Search a try with the free trial offering on Cloud!

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Thank you for the fast reply.

Of course I went through all release notes but could not find one single improvement that would be of benefit to the end user.

Everything in the release notes is just maintenance related or some internal improvements a visitor of a site using App Search doesn't care about. Upgrading dependencies is not really a new feature. The competition is far ahead with bringing value to ecommerce searches. I can not see one new feature that was added since Swiftype was acquired.

But thank you for the information that it is under active development, will take another look in a few months.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the question and the followup!

We have most certainly been releasing improvements that benefit the end user. In 7.x, here are some features App Search has released:

  • Meta Engines – for cross-engine searching.
  • Configurable Limits – so users can adjust some defaults that were set for SaaS.
  • ILM support – users can set analytics and log retention, and manage it with Elastic Stack ILM tools.
  • Search UI – a comprehensive set of front-end libraries
  • Cloud SSO – for smoother login management.
  • App Search on Elastic Cloud, so users have access to more hosting locations
  • A self-managed version of App Search, in case you wanted to spin up your own

Hope that helps!


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