Why should I update? (version 7.6.2 to newer)

Hi, I have App Search in a deployment version 7.6.2. Should I upgrade to 7.7? If it works well as it is. Why update? I understand that it will become part of enterprice search. Does anything else change? Does it work better in 7.7?
Thank you.

We recommend upgrading. There's usually a few bug fixes, and always new functionality.

Keeping up to date with releases is also a good way to reduce future problems from having large gaps between versions, and breaking changes that may arise (eg between 7.X to 8.X).

Thank you. I started the update. But it failed. I hope that support can see my case soon.

Well, I cant upgrade due to a bug. I will have to wait until version 7.9. :sleepy:
At least my attempt served to detect the problem.


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