Elastic search upgradtion

Hi Team,

I am using the elastic search of version 0.95 from the past few years.
Now I want to upgrade my elastic search.
My worry is, is there any code change required to upgrade elastic search.
And can I directly upgrade to v6 from v0.95?
My application is large-scale application and there are vast methods in it.
And I am trying to upgrade via rpm install.
Can anyone explain clearly what are steps I need to follow from end to end
I've already tried to upgrade v6 and v2, but it's not working.


No it’s not possible without a huge amount of work IMO.
Like 0.90 -> 1.7
1.7 -> 2.4
2.4 -> 5.6
5.6 -> 6.0

And probably a lot of changes on the client side.

Would be may be better to reindex from scratch?

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