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Hi yall,

If I search for some exception in the kibana, I would like to get 10 more lines before and after whatever there in the logs. For now I'm getting the exact pattern alone whatever I'm searching in the Kibana.

Refer screenshot for further reference.

Appreciate your quick reply.

Thanks in advance,

Is this what you are looking for?

Yes! But in my case it wasn't there.


Which version of Kibana are you using? I think it was introduced in Kibana 5.4.

I'm using AWS ES Service and the ES Version is 5.3.

If you are unable to upgrade I do unfortunately do not think there is any way to get this functionality. Our Elastic Cloud service offers hosted Elasticsearch and Kibana with the latest versions available as soon as they are released. There is even a free trial available.

So you mean the version AWS providing is not supporting this feature isn't?

Yes, it looks like that is the case.

Thanks Christian :slight_smile:

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