Move elastic license from one cluster to another

We have 5 nodes license and we are running a cluster of 3 nodes.
We migrated this set up to new machines and they are running parallely at the moment without license.
We wonder how can we migrate the license to the new cluster?
Should we take the old cluster down then apply our license to the new one?
Can we add them to the new one when we have the old one running?

Just wanna be sure this migration happens smoothly.

ps: we are using elastic 2.3

What level license do you have?

Platinum 5 nodes

I can see that you have updated a closed ticket with the Support team, but they won't see that update because it's closed. Please create a new one and they can answer this for you :slight_smile:

Well, your support instead of answering my question, posted our license :confused:
And I have no access to the portal as I think in our contract, we have no support package. That's why I came here :slight_smile:

Support contacted me again and answered my question clearly. Thanks. It is possible for a short period but it is better to shut down the old nodes before and then apply the new license to the new setup. Worked without any problem.

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