Move huge ES data from one linux machine to another linux machine in order to continue working there

Hi there... I have a problem and i need your help immediately.
I have a project which works with elasticsearch and inserts data in it... Up to now, size of the data is more than 150G (the size of nodes directory in /var/lib/elasticsearch). But the problem is that, my hard is full now and ] must move the whole project including ES data to another machine and continue there...
The Question is: what is the best way to move the ES (>150G data) to another machine provided that I can continue there.
I tested copying data directory (var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/indices) to new machine, and restart Es, but it didn't work and it's status became offline!
The details are below:
OS : Ubuntu 16.04 in both machines
ES version: 5.6 in both machines
If you explain in detail, I will appreciate.

Hi @Manish_Sapariya ...Would you please tell me, what did you do step by step ? which directories you had copies? Did you change the elasticsearch.yml file (network_host) ? I appreciate if you answer as soon as possible and also, in detail... thanks

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