Moving Average aggregation does not work with data points

Hi everyone,

I am using Elasticsearch 2.3.2, and Kibana 4.5.0 with Timelion plugin to generate visualization data at the moment. Nevertheless, there is an issue in regard of Timelion. The issue comes with the MOVINGAVERAGE function. I have made a queries in order to generate timeseries chart of a year.

.es(index='linux_cpu-*', metric='avg:CPU(%)').movingaverage(10)

It seems there is nothing wrong with this query but it could not give out a desired result. It gives out a graph as shown below which the metric will becomes 0 at the end point.

What is the problem?

Does your data cut off around 2015-02-01? Perhaps it's using 0 for the values instead of not using any value?

Yes Thr data point cutoff at 2015-02-01
But I didnt input any datapoint contains 0 value
How should I make a correct graph

It's possible that the visualization library is casting null values as 0, and so you end up with what you see now. It may be intentional, it may be a bug, or perhaps the query needs to be tweaked. Unfortunately I'm not well versed in Timelion myself.

@Rashid_Khan can you provide any insight?

Maybe is there any function based on kibana that can generates temporary future value and use that as a basis to do moving average?

There's wouldn't be anything Kibana can do, Timeline is a standalone app with its own visualizations and rendering.