Simple moving average in Kibana over a date histogram help

Can someone explain or show me how to add a simple moving average over a line chart with a date histogram in Kibana?

I see the documentation on moving average but it's not clear how I would use it in Kibana.

If you're on a recent version of Kibana with Timelion built-in (or older version with Timelion plugin installed) you can do something like this;

The query I used was;
.es(index='metricbeat-*', metric='max:metricset.rtt') .es(index='metricbeat-*', metric='max:metricset.rtt').movingaverage(10)

The first line generated by .es(index='metricbeat-*', metric='max:metricset.rtt') is just the max:metricset.rtt from the metricbeat-* index pattern.

The second line in the chart generated by .es(index='metricbeat-*', metric='max:metricset.rtt').movingaverage(10) is the moving average over 10 samples.

You can do this in the Timelion app where there's a handy function reference and tutorial. Or as a Timeseries visualization.

Let me know if this helps.


Thank you this works for me.

Much appreciated.

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